Team of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University.


The application was developed in order to respond to the need for research conducted by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University in order to enable early diagnosis of infectious diseases in the respiratory tract.

As part of the research, data will be collected from digital questionnaires the users fill, as well as data on mobile phone usage patterns. This data will be used to develop machine learning models as well as mathematical models of the spread of diseases.

The information collected will be stored on secure servers at Tel Aviv University, access to which is limited and controlled, and will be used for research purposes only.



Onboarding screen

The onboarding screens are the first things that the users see when they launch our application.

We use it to demonstrate the facts about the research and user’s conditions of participation.

Questionnaire’s screens

We decided to divide the questionnaire into 8 user-friendly steps in order not to overload the participant with all the information at once.

There are some of the representative screens from the questionnaire.

Smart watch connection

The application allows connection to smart watch in order to be able to measure the activity of the participant which helps to collect more accurate data for the study.

Informative screens