The Dr. Frishman Group was established by Dr. Udi Frishman in 2004 and specializes in providing consulting services at the interface between medicine, insurance, law and medical economics.


The screening tests are a comprehensive basket of routine preventative healthcare that are highly recommended and even mandatory for every person to perform once a period. All body systems are tested – starting with blood tests for the functions of various organs in the body, through stress tests, skin, eyes, hearing, lung functions, and more.

There is great importance in screening tests for the early detection of various serious diseases, and in fact, early detection of the disease is a decisive factor in the success rate of the cure.



The problem is that most people are aware of a small part of these survey tests. In addition, they have difficulty managing and concentrating on the whole issue in an orderly manner, and for those reasons, they dismiss the big part of the tests


Our goal is to create a platform that will bring together all screening tests – routine loose tests as a reminder application that is adapted to the user according to data relevant to him. It will create order and organization for that user.


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